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Rate: Starting $40/hr
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All Levels
Subjects: Math
All maths, Advanced Functions (MCR3U-MHF4U), Calculus and Vectors 12 (MCV4U), Math IB Diploma Program (Grade 9-12), AP course. BSc and MA all in Math. My secret is: difficult concepts in simple terms.
Location: Oakville, ON
I provide individualized math tutoring, having many successful years of Canadian tutoring experience in High school/University Level.
BSc and MA all in Math.CERTIFIED Mathematics Teacher (OCT), tutoring students at my home or their own residence. Tutor all grades, first, and second academic years. Extensive yrs experience. Author of "METHODS OF SOLVING PROBLEMS IN Elementary, Middle, and High School MATHEMATICS"(2010), "Trigonometry in High School-Techniques of Problem Solving"(2015), "Problems in Middle and High School Mathematics-Techniques of Solving" (2016), see them on Amazon ca.
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