Advertising to tutors.

Do you provide a product or service for tutors? Are you looking to hire tutors or instructors? Advertise directly to tutors listed on!

Now available, advertising in monthly e-mail updates sent to all tutors listed on With a single submission you can have your ad delivered directly to the e-mail inbox of hundreds of tutors across Canada. Advertising in the e-mail update targets your key customers, sends visitors to your web site and increases sales. Recruiters can attract applicants to fill teaching positions.

E-mail update advertising features:

  • Text ad up to 150 characters long;
  • Hotlink directly to your web page;
  • Permanent archive copy in tutor's forums, accessible by all current and future tutors;
  • Receive an e-mail copy of the update with your ad in it.

Contact the administrator for current rates and details. Advertising must be relevant to tutors, and approval for inclusion is at the sole discretion of staff.

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