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BC Government and School Districts

  • Past Provincial Exams - This site has all of the Grade 12 Provincial exams from the last 2 years. Solutions and the reports to the schools for each of the exams are also available at this site.
  • BC School Districts. - A map of BC with all the school districts. Links to schools are usually listed on the school district sites.
  • BC Provincial exam specifications. - Download and print off PDF files of exam specifications for the current year's exam. These include details on curriculum that will be (and will not be) covered on the exams, permissible materials (data sheets, calculators, etc) and many include example questions. These files should be used in addition to old exams.

Alberta & Sask & Manitoba government and School Districts

Ontario Government and School Districts

  • Ontario school districts. - Links to maps of various school district divisions in Ontario. Area numes used in findAtutor.ca are base on English Public District School Boards.

Atlantic Government and School Districts

Books and Supplies

  • BC Teacher's Federation teaching aids. - Although the teaching aids are meant for members, they do sell teaching aids to non-members for a small extra charge, and are still inexpensive and good resources.

On-line Resources

  • BC QuizMe! - Get unique quizzes made from past provincial exam questions on-line! Print off your quiz with the answer key, or test yourself on-line. A really well done site.
  • BC Association of Math Teachers - Under "on-line resources" are downloadable files of worksheets, calculator resource books, practice tests and more.
  • Learn to type lessons on-line. - An on-line based typing course with simple, well laid out lessons. The intended audience is for middle school grades, but can be used for any age. The lessons can be enhanced uisng the worksheets, and other resources available on the site.

Volunteer Tutoring

  • VCC ESL outreach - The VCC has been providing an ESL Homefront Learning program for over 25 years. They connect homebound ESL students with volunteer tutors, and it's open to anyone. A great opportunity to provide volunteer tutoring in return for training and experience.
  • North Vancouver Library teen-tutors - The North Vancouver City library has a teen-tutor program where volunteer teens are paired with grade 1 to 6 students for weekly tutoring sessions. Teaching others is a great way to learn, and can benefit teens in their school work as well. Additional programs for teens (assisting others, or just for fun at the library) is available on the teen page.
  • LearnScape FreeSchool - Located in Ottawa, Ontario, LearnScape FreeSchool coordinates volunteer tutors with students and facilitates other educational resources to students and parents.
  • Alberta Literacy Programs - Alberta Advanced Education supports Volunteer Tutor Adult Literacy Programs throughout the province. They also maintain a list of family literacy programs.


  • Playing with Pi. - Choose your scale to represent each digit, and this website will play the corresponding "music" to the first 10K digits of pi. The most educational time spent on the internet!
  • Learn multiplication without memorizing. - Mulitplication tables are a basic foundation for mathematics, but many people just cannot memorize them all. This page summarizes patterns and tricks to reduce the number of actual "memorized" multipliplication facts to only 13! Read through the "whole excercise from the beginning" to see how the table was made.


  • Bad Science - Did you know that falling rain drops are not tear drop shaped? They are flattened, like a hamburger bun! Why is such blantly obvious bad science taught? What other bad science have you learned (or worse, been teaching)? Read about bad science so you can distinguish it from the "good science."
  • World Year of Physics 2005 - Coinciding with the 100th year anniversary of Einstein's "miraculous year," the world will celebrate physics! Find out about what is happening in Canada at the Canadian Association of Physicists web site.
  • Chemistry coach - Find tutorials, links, explanations, table, examples, etc to all things chemistry.
  • Periodic "table" - A periodic table of the elements that is an actual table. Find out about all the elements and see the sample collection. Learn what element samples you have in your home in ordinary household items. You probably didn't know you were so scientific!


  • National Adult Literacy Database - Find information on local literacy organizations from across the country here. There is also a page to "ask an expert" or to join an e-mail discussion group on adult learning disabilities.
  • Printable crafts for kids. - A collection of web sites with free printable work sheets and crafts to teach kids printing, writing and math. Letter tracing sheets are available in French and Spanish too. Great free resource for home reinforcement of early writing and math skills.
  • Random word generator - Ever been searching for a word, and it just isn't coming to mind? The random word generator will help you ... fellows respective inhabitant logic. What a handy tool!

    Read more on this writers web site and see the other, perhaps more practical, writing tools on their site.


  • Canadian Parents for French - Started by parents who wanted to ensure that children would have the opportunity to become bilingual in the Canadian school system. CPF is a proactive national network with 11 Branch offices and some 170 Chapters in communities coast to coast. Find a branch and/or chapter close to you!

Fun Stuff

  • Science Venture, Victoria, BC - Science Venture offers science, engineering and technology programs for elementary school children. Find A Tutor is proud to sponsor a summer camp bursary for Science Venture.

    See the Actua site to find out about similar programs across Canada.

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