Listing rates


The rates for a tutor listing are as follows:

$49 for 2 years (+1200 listing points)
$29 for 1 year (+500 listing points)
$19 for 6 months (+200 listing points)

Prices do not include taxes.

A tutor listing allows 1 area selection and up to 6 subject selections.

If you'd like to have listings in additional areas, you can create multiple listings. We offer discounts for multiple listings, as follows:

2 listings: 10% discount
3 or more listings: 20% discount

Discounts are calculated automatically when ordering listings.

Listing points

You can purchase listing points, which can be used to increase the position of your listing in search results. See the listing points page for more information. The price options for listing points are as follows: 

$100 for 10 000 listing points + 20% bonus
$75 for 7500 listing points + 10% bonus
$50 for 5000 listing points + 10% bonus
$25 for 2500 listing points
$15 for 1500 listing points

As of August 2016 we no longer offer a satisfaction guarantee because we rarely get requests for refunds! However, we will consider extenuating circumstances for refunds. See our refund policy for more information.

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