About findAtutor.ca

The findAtutor.ca website provides a comprehensive tutor listing service, created by a Canadian tutor. Tutors can post a listing to advertise their tutoring services. Students can search the list for specific subject, location, and grade level to get a custom list of tutors meeting their requirements. The primary focus of our webpage has been to provide a solid, easy to use, interface and useful search results.

FindAtutor.ca Grows Quickly

The findAtutor.ca website started as a concept in April 2003, and came into full service by August 2003. Although the initial focus was on North and West Vancouver, BC, there was immediately interest from all over the Lower Mainland of BC.

After a few months on-line, findAtutor.ca was found by tutors and students across Canada, primarily through Google. The listings on findAtutor.ca continue to expand throughout Canada. We accepting listings from tutors anywhere in Canada on demand. We strive to continue to connect tutors and students in Canada.

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