Introducing SESSIONS! A whole new service on!

  • Posted on: 13 September 2020
  • By: Johanna

Many tutors have pivoted from in-person tutoring to on-line tutoring. The on-line platform allows new possiblilities for tutors, such as safely accomodating group tutoring in a small space.

Simultaneously parents and students want extra help in a safe environment. Added that many people are struggling with reduced or loss of income, one-on-one private tutoring may not be affordable right now.

There are tutors out there willing to help, but how do tutors find a group of students looking for the same topic at the same time?

We created a solution: Sessions.

Tutors that offer on-line tutoring can schedule a group tutoring session and enter it on From your account on, you can create as many sessions as you like. Select your day and time, grade, province (optional) and subject. Enter what technology you will be using and a description of what you will be covering in the session. There are 2 additional fields where you can include information: one that will be sent to the student/parent in their registration confirmation, and the second is included in an e-mail sent as a reminder of the upcoming session about 2 hours ahead of the session start time.

For students and parents, they can view all the sessions available, refine their search by selecting a grade, province (optional) and subject. Once they find a session they are interested in, they simply register. They have the option to include a note to the tutor, or upload a document with information.

We are so excited to be offering this whole new service on Read more about sessions on the sessions page: 

And just like searching for tutor listings, the option to search for sessions is available at the top of every page of 

Go ahead, check out the list of upcoming sessions, or view the sessions in the calendar!

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