By using the website, or by registering with findAtutor.ca, I agree to the following terms and conditions:


  1. I understand that findAtutor.ca does not do any qualifications or background checks on the tutors or advertisers.
  2. I will not use improper or inflammatory language anywhere on this web site.
  3. I will not send out bulk unsolicited e-mail that mention or link to the findAtutor.ca website.
  4. I am submitting my information to be used by findAtutor.ca, and will be saved by findAtutor.ca indefinitely.
  5. I will not create multiple accounts, or use other intentional methods, to circumvent operational policies and restrictions made by findAtutor.ca administrators.
  6. I understand and agree to the Privacy Policy.
  7. These terms and conditions may be modified by findAtutor.ca at anytime.

Sending email

  1. I will only use the findAtutor.ca e-mail system to contact tutors to enquire about a legitimate tutoring request. I will not use the system to advertise other services to them.
  2. I will not send out messages to more than five tutors without first obtaining permission from the findAtutor.ca administrators.

Sessions Registrants

  1. I understand that tutoring sessions are for instructional assistance and understanding only. I will not ask tutors to do or complete assignments that are handed in for marks. If I want guidance or help with something that will be handed in for marks, I will let the tutor know ahead of time.
  2. I understand that findAtutor.ca is providing registration for sessions only, and is not responsible for anything provided by the tutor. This includes, but not limited to, technology used, communication requirements, quality of instruction, scheduling/rescheduling or cancellation.
  3. I will use appropriate and respectful language and conduct during sessions. Even though they are not hosted by findAtutor.ca, I can lose access to using findAtutor.ca for inappropriate behaviour.
  4. By registering for a session, I will make sure to attend the full session on time. If I do need to cancel, I will give notice to the tutor as soon as possible. Frequent missed sessions can result in loss of access to using findAtutor.ca.

Tutor listings and advertisements

  1. The findAtutor.ca administrators may edit or delete my listings, advertisements or any other postings at any time at the administrator's discretion.
  2. The information provided is accurate to the best of my knowledge and I hold the qualifications stated in the listing, advertisement or other posting on this website. I will keep the listing or advertisement information as up to date as possible to reflect any changes.
  3. I will receive periodic emails from findAtutor.ca about my listings or advertisements. I agree that these are not unsolicited email.
  4. Rates for listing or advertising on findAtutor.ca may be changed at any time.
  5. Services on findAtutor.ca are provided on an "as-is" basis, and I will not hold findAtutor.ca staff liable for any errors or omissions of the listing.
  6. The limit of findAtutor.ca's liability is the amount paid to use findAtutor.ca.
  7. I am 18 years of age or older. If I am not 18 years of age, I have obtained permission from my parents/guardians to advertise as a tutor on the findAtutor.ca website. I will notify the webmaster of my age and that proper permission has been granted.
  8. I agree that if I do not follow these terms and conditions, my listing or advertisement may be cancelled with no compensation.

Tutor listings

  1. Tutor listings are for listing tutoring services only, I will not advertise other services or products in my listing on findAtutor.ca.
  2. The findAtutor.ca website is a listing service only, and I am neither affiliated with, nor employed by, findAtutor.ca. I also understand the listing is not an endorsement by findAtutor.ca.
  3. I understand that submitting my contact information to findAtutor.ca is for prospective clients to contact me by phone or e-mail, and information given will be publicly available. I understand that clients will use findAtutor.ca to obtain my contact information, and all communications is the sole responsibility between myself and prospective clients.
  4. If I am an online tutor, I am located in Canada, and I have stated where in Canada I am located in my listing.


  1. The advertisement will not make any claims about the effectiveness of my tutoring company unless this is fully documented with a scientific study on the "landing page".
  2. The advertisement will not make any "guarantees" about the effectiveness of the tutoring unless the "guarantee" is fully documented on the "landing page".
  3. The products and services offered as well as the webpage linked to are fully acceptable for a "family audience".
  4. Acceptance of an advertisement is not an endorsement of my products or services by findAtutor.ca.