Introducing listing points!

  • Posted on: 4 September 2016
  • By: Johanna

Since we started tutors have asked: how do I move my listing higher on the list? The answer has always been: you can't. We just changed the answer: use listing points!

Tutors now have the option to purchase listing points, and use them to bid for a higher position in the search results list. All tutors have been e-mailed with details about how the listing points sytem works.

So what does this mean for those looking for tutors?

This does not change our recommendation for searching the list of tutors. Search instructions, along with a map, are available on the main page, and search options are available at the top of every single page of

Our recommendation? Start at the top of the list, and read your way down. That doesn't mean that the best tutor for YOU is at the top of the list. 10 listings are displayed per page, follow the links to subsequent pages of listing that meet your criteria. Just because a tutor didn't choose to pay more money to be at the top of the list, doesn't mean they aren't great tutors.

More info in tutor listings.

We've added new information to listings to help those searching. We would get complaints that tutors wouldn't reply to e-mails, or say they are full and not accepting new students when contacted. Even though we offer ways for tutors to mark this in their listing when they aren't accepting students, few used it.

Now with bidding for higher placement, you know that those close to the top of the list are actively looking for students. We've also added a large "updated" to listing so that you know that the tutor has updated their listing recently. For listings recently added, it now says "new!" in the listing. Use all this information to make your choices on which tutors to contact.

And finally, contact as many tutors as you like! Contact and meet with a variety of different tutors to find a match that works best for you and/or your student. More information and advice on looking for a tutor is available on the "How to" page.

Good luck to everyone with the new school year!

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