Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy on This privacy policy sets out our policy on collecting, using and disclosing information. We reserve the right to change our privacy policy at any time.

What information do we collect and why?

Tutors and advertisers

We collect information for the listing or advertisement as well as basic contact information. This information is only used for the listing or advertisement on the website, and our administration of the website. We also track and maintain a history of IP addresses used by a tutor or advertiser. This is to track any potential abuse.

Registered users

A valid e-mail address is required to create an account. If you register for a session your e-mail address and preferred name (if entered) will be provided to the tutor hosting the session. All personal information is kept private and never made publicly available on the internet. We will keep a record of all sessions signed up for and will appear in the list of past sessions in both the registrant’s and tutor’s account.

The session registration form allows entry of a message and upload of a document to provide to the tutor, which is stored in our database.

Other Visitors

For all visitors we collect the usual website statistics "clickstream data" that is maintained by virtually all websites. We also collect statistics on all searches of the tutor database. However, no personally identifiable information is linked to the searches in any way.


For registered users, cookies store login information to make logging in easier. Cookies are also used to track session ID's for security while you are logged in.

Cookies are also used to monitor the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and to track referrals.

E-Mail Addresses

We require that all registered users provide a valid e-mail address. We do not provide this e-mail address to anyone else, other than as noted above for sessions. Allowing e-mail to be sent from tutor listings is optional. We use a form submission so that potential clients can contact tutors via e-mail without having to disclose their email address to the third party. This is done to protect against spambots which may try to collect e-mail addresses.

With Whom do We Share Your Personal Information

We do not share information with any third parties other than the information intended for the tutor listing, sessions or advertisement. Your e-mail address as well as all other private information stored in our database will not be provided to any third party. We will not use your contact information for any communications not related to the website.

When do we dispose of Personal Information

The listing or advertising information is removed from the public portion of the website either when it expires or when asked to be removed. We maintain the information in our database indefinitely to prevent against abuse of the website.

Security of Data

The website is hosted on a shared hosting environment. The hosting providers regularly update the installed programs with the latest security patches. The user database is a password protected database. Various levels of administrators may be required to access the database for administrative purposes. Users' password fields are all encrypted so as not to be readable by anyone who accesses the database.


We maintain all e-mail sent to staff of

We save the e-mail address and name entered using the on-line e-mail submission form on to e-mail a tutor. The e-mail address and name may be used by administration to contact clients if there is a problem with the tutor's e-mail address, or to track abusive users and prevent future abuse.

The message content of the e-mail sent to a tutor through the on-line e-mail submission is not retained nor sent to any parties other than the intended tutor. The only exception is bounced e-mail messages will return to the website administrators. However, we encourage our tutors to forward suspicious e-mails (potential attempts at fraud) to the administrator and we reserve the right to post any e-mail we feel appears suspicious, and by using our email system you agree that your e-mail (including your e-mail address) can be posted on the website.


We reserve the right to disclose any and all personal information collected to a third party that is investigating an abuse of the website or any illegal or abusive activity.

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