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Rate: $40/hr (Provide Receipt)
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All Levels
Subjects: Math
Grade 1-12 math including Functions, Advanced Functions, Data Management, Calculus & Vectors, SAT & IB math. Col/Uni Math: Cal, Lin Alg, Diff Eqs, Discrete. I provide RECEIPT for tax deductions and POLICE VULNERABLE SECTOR CHECK.
Location: Mississauga, ON
Mississauga, Streetsville, Oakville, Milton, Brampton, Georgetown. I tutor in student's home or library. 1-ON-1: $40/hr. GROUP OF 2: $60/hr ($30 each). GROUP OF 3: $75/hr ($25 each). Willing to travel further with extra charge.
I am an experienced tutor with over 20 years of tutoring. I have a Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Mathematics from the University of Regina, Canada. I can help you with all your problems including assignments, chapter tests and final exam preparations. I can provide clear and simple explanation to all mathematical concepts. My students always improve in their grades, knowledge and understanding, problem solving skills, confidence and ability to learn. All students welcome!
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