Back to school time!

  • Posted on: 29 August 2014
  • By: Johanna

As August begins, there is a bitter sweet feeling of knowing that summer is half over, and back-to-school sales start. The last week of August means, if you've been procrastinating, living in denial or just enjoying your summer so much you forgot, NOW is the time to get ready for school.

Just like students are stocking up on supplies and new clothes, tutors are cleaning out their offices, setting up their schedule, and getting ready to start tutoring for the new school year.

Now is a great time to contact a tutor, even if you don't start up right away. If you are looking for a tutor for the first time, you'll have time to interview a few tutors. Also, you can do a trial session with a couple of tutors in the first couple of weeks of school before pressure is on and tutor's schedules are still relatively open.

There is information on what to ask a tutor on the Questions to ask a tutor page, and more information on what to look for in a tutor and ensuring success with a tutor on the frequently asked questions - looking for a tutor page.

If you've used a tutor in the past, make sure to contact them to ensure they are available again this year, and get scheduled in early to secure a space that fits with your schedule.

Don't forget to start your search here on Learn how to efficiently search the list on the How To... page.

Good luck with the 2014-15 school year!

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