Who we are

FindAtutor.ca is operated by Johanna and James.

Johanna is an Engineer who worked for 3 years in "Dilbert-ville" and then became a mother and decided that spending time with her child was significantly more fulfilling. To make some extra money she started tutoring high school students in science and math in the evenings. She found that advertising was one of the more frustrating parts of it and felt that the web would be the ideal way to advertise. Unfortunately all of the tutor listing websites were very difficult to use, so she thought she would create a better one.

James is also an engineer who has not yet escaped "Dilbert-ville". James' first computer was a Vic 20 and has always owned at least one computer since then. Programming was a hobby, and he only took the minimum computer programming courses in university as required for his degree.

As computers and the internet became more mainstream, James maintained his computer programming hobby and started creating and maintaining web sites for various organization he's involved with. When Johanna came up with the idea for findAtutor.ca, James said "We can do that!"

James does most of the programming on findAtutor.ca.

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