Can I include my e-mail address in my listing?

  • Posted on: 15 June 2007
  • By: Johanna

No, for the safety and security of everyone, e-mail addresses are not permitted in listings. E-mail addresses presented in plain text are easily exploited by automated spam bots, quickly flooding your inbox with inappropriate and unwanted messages. There are no easy controls to prevent this from happening. For consistency in appearance of listings, anyone who wishes to accept e-mail, will have an envelope icon next to their listing's title.

To use the on-line mailing system on, when you created your account you will have the option to select "use my personal contact form" which will automatically be included in any listing you create. You can change this setting or update your e-mail address any time by editting your account information.

When a person clicks on the envelope, they are taken to an on-line e-mail form where they can compose and send a message that is sent to your e-mail address. Your e-mail address is not disclosed using this system. Information about the sender is included in the message, so if an inappropriate message is sent to you, you can forward it to an administrator, and this information allows us to block abusers of the system. You also have the oportunity to decide whether to reply or not, and be assured that your e-mail address hasn't been given out until you choose to reveal it.

Including your e-mail address in text form in other fields will be removed by administrators if found.

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