Grade 12 pre-calculus (foundations or calculus too!)

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Thursday January 20, 2022 4:30 PM PST
30 minutes
Grade 12
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I've tutored many grade 12 pre-calculus students in the past 2 years. Starting with translations and applying those concepts to radical and rational functions, exponents, logarithms and trigonometry, and doing polynomial graphs, I've explained it all! 

I'll cover any topic in grade 12 pre-calculus, When you register, include a note on what you want to cover. Once I have someone registerd, I'll update this description so everyone knows exactly what is going to be covered in the session. If I don't get any specific requests ahead of time, I'll just answer and explain as many questions as possible duirng the half hour.

Join me as we explore the challenges of grade 12 pre-calculus together!

I am also willing to help with foundations 12 questions, and currently have a grade 12 calculus student and willing to tackle your calculus question (note that calculus isn't my strongest subject, so I may not be able to hlep with the most diabolical calculus questions). 

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I can help with grade 8-12 math (pre-calculus or foundations). I offer (free) on-line group tutoring sessions. See the sessions I have coming up here (copy URL into your browser):
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I'm located in Cedar, equidistant from both Ladysmith and downtown Nanaimo. Currently I tutor exclusively on-line using Zoom. I share my iPad screen with students so they can watch me write notes as I explain their questions.
I have a degree in Electrical Engineering and many years experience tutoring students in math. I create notes of every session, and e-mail a PDF to the students at the end of each session. I take only a limited number of students for one-on-one tutoring to keep my schedule flexible. E-mail me for more info and/or to schedule a time, or register for one of my free group on-line sessions. Please note for one-on-one tutoring my standard rate of $50/hr applies.