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How much does a tutor cost?

  • Posted on: 19 January 2004
  • By: Johanna

Response: How much can you afford?

There are no rules or guidelines on what a tutor should, or can, charge. Each individual tutor has taken into account their expenses, actual time devoted to tutoring, and personal worth to determine an appropriate rate for their services.

Generally the more education and experience a tutor has, the more they will charge. That doesn't mean you have to pay top dollar to get a good tutor, but a good tutor may cost more than the "average."

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I can't afford a tutor, or I still haven't found a tutor! Now what do I do?

  • Posted on: 2 December 2003
  • By: Johanna

You may be in a unique course, remote location, or, as many post secondary students are, flat broke. Now what? Here are some suggests, most are geared to college/university or upper level high school students, but may be helpful for others as well.

Ask the teacher for help, many will see you outside of class room time to help out. If you find your teacher unapproachable, try asking another teacher you had that you liked.

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