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  • Posted on: 10 November 2008
  • By: James now allows the use of OpenID for logging into

OpenID is an alternate method of authentication. The idea is that to log into, rather than entering your unique name and password for your account you instead ask our site to authenticate your identity by contacting an OpenID server. You will be redirected to that server where you have an account and confirm that you want to log into This can increase your security and simplify the login process (preventing the problems of having too many passwords, or recycling passwords, and also forgetting what account name you used).

How it works: First you must have an account with an OpenID server. Chances are pretty good that you already have at least one of these (If you have an account with Yahoo, Blogger, Flickr, LiveJournal, SmugMug, Technorati, among many others -- and coming soon GMail and Hotmail -- you do). To determine what the proper url to use is visit

Next you must setup your account on for this. You must login (using either your existing log-in and password, or a one time link emailed to you from the "request new password" page). Then you go to your user page and click on the "OpenID Identities" tab. You will need to enter in the url you found above. You should then be redirected to your account on the openID server and you may need to do some setup there.

Next time you want to login to, you click on "Log in using OpenID" and simply enter the url (or in most cases just the domain of the url for your OpenID server). You will then be redirected to your OpenID server and if necessary log-in there and confirm that you want to log into When you confirm this you will be redirected to and you will be logged in.

It sounds a little complicated, but it really is quite easy!

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