Marilyn McIntosh, B.G.S.SFU 74

e-mailMarilyn McIntosh, B.G.S.SFU 74 E-mail tutor
On-line tutor
Rate: individual $50/h
Not available on Sunday MorningsNot available on Monday MorningsNot available on Tuesday MorningsNot available on Wednesday MorningsNot available on Thursday MorningsNot available on Friday MorningsNot available on Saturday MorningsMorn
Available on Sunday AfternoonsAvailable on Monday AfternoonsAvailable on Tuesday AfternoonsAvailable on Wednesday AfternoonsAvailable on Thursday AfternoonsAvailable on Friday AfternoonsAvailable on Saturday AfternoonsAft
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High School or College/University
Subjects: Math, Sciences, English, Social Studies, Exam Anxiety Management,
Math all grades, elementary through 12. Science&Social studies through Sc10. English writing skills, Earth Sciences 11.
Location: White Rock / South Surrey, BC
UNTIL THE COVID-19 EPIDEMIC IS DONE, I WILL BE AVAILABLE ON-LINE ONLY. Any location in BC or Western Canada. On-line through ZOOM [] Please e-mail for first contacts.
On leave until February 2021. ON-Line tutoring only. Math is my specialty. Strong background in the Psychology of learning. Improve study skills,Homework&Exam prep,Exam Anxiety management.Professional tutor with about 20 years experience. Small groups (same grade,same subject)$25/hr for each person.
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