Why did my listing move down the list since I was here last?

  • Posted on: 23 June 2005
  • By: Johanna

The list on findAtutor.ca is dynamic. Each time a search is done, the list provided is based on the status of all the listings at the time of the request. Your position in the list will depend not only on your status, but the status of all the other tutors in the list compared to you. Some of the factors which will cause other tutors to move before you on the list include updating their listing after neglecting it for a long time, removing "not accepting" from their listing or changing the area they are listed in.

With the introduction of listing points, tutors now have the option to bid for placement. So now it's possible that a tutor with a listing with lower total listing points added more listing points to beat yours. First try updating your listing to maximize your natural listing points, and then if you want, add listing points to your listing to boost it's position.

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