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Rate: $30.00 /hr
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Subjects: Math, Reading and Writing, Learning Disabilities, English, Social Studies, Sciences, Piano, Exam Preparation, ESL,
English:Grammar,Spelling,Writing;Reading:Decoding & Comprehension:All grades and Remedial; Math:Up to Grade 9, and remedial; Science:Up to Grade 9; Social Studies: Up to Grade 9; Piano: Up to Grade 6 Royal Conservatory of Canada
Location: Calgary - North, AB
Sharon Fjeldstrom Tutoring is located in the Rundle community in Northeast Calgary. Sharon only does physical tutoring in her own home. COVID 19 precautions are taken before each lesson. On-line tutoring is done via Zoom.
I am an Alberta certified teacher who specializes in individualized instruction. I work with students up to Grade Ten and help adults with upgrading basic skills and knowledge. I enjoy finding ways to help students understand what they are learning. My extensive experience in helping ESL learners and students with learning disabilities allows me to find strategies to help build success. I tutor all subjects in Elementary and Middle School. For more information: Tutoring - The Fjeldstroms
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