How much does a tutor cost?

  • Posted on: 19 January 2004
  • By: Johanna

Response: How much can you afford?

There are no rules or guidelines on what a tutor should, or can, charge. Each individual tutor has taken into account their expenses, actual time devoted to tutoring, and personal worth to determine an appropriate rate for their services.

Generally the more education and experience a tutor has, the more they will charge. That doesn't mean you have to pay top dollar to get a good tutor, but a good tutor may cost more than the "average."

Many post secondary students offer very reasonable rates for tutoring, however their school year is significantly different from a high school student's. They may want to focus more on their own studies during exam time. You should make sure they will be around when you need them, and available the next year if you want to continue with tutoring in following grades.

"Professional" tutors tend to charge more, and many offer excellent service. They will apply extra care and attention to your specific tutoring needs. An expensive tutor doesn't always mean you'll get the best tutor for you. Personality match and willingness on the part of the student are as important as any skill and experience the tutor has.

Looking at a list of tutors on can give you a feel for a "going rate," but remember that this is only a small sample of tutoring and private learning options available.

You will have to assess for yourself what your tutoring and financial requirements are and determine what you can afford.

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