Why do you make tutors update their listings? Why don't you just do it in sign-up order?

  • Posted on: 19 December 2003
  • By: Johanna

We want clients to find current listings on findAtutor.ca. It's frustrating calling tutors that aren't as advertised because their information has gone stale. Even though the information you have submitted is still current, we don't know that unless your listing has been updated. We want to reward those that are being active in trying to solicit students. By adding "updated" into the listing and weighting the listings by the last update, we give preference and highlight those who have taken the time to update their listing to keep it current.

We want to provide a quality listing service on findAtutor.ca, when students and parents find a tutor with only a couple of calls, they'll recommend the service to others, improving the service for everyone.

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