I can't afford a tutor, or I still haven't found a tutor! Now what do I do?

  • Posted on: 2 December 2003
  • By: Johanna

You may be in a unique course, remote location, or, as many post secondary students are, flat broke. Now what? Here are some suggests, most are geared to college/university or upper level high school students, but may be helpful for others as well.

Ask the teacher for help, many will see you outside of class room time to help out. If you find your teacher unapproachable, try asking another teacher you had that you liked.

Form or join a study group. Try asking your lab partner, or just be brave and ask the person sitting next to you if they want to get together to study later, or announce to the class you want to form a study group. Be prepared to organize a time and location for meeting.

Search for help online. There are many resources and self directed tutorials online for specific subjects.

Get the solutions manual for your text book. They often include complete solutions with added explanations. If you can't afford yet another text book, check for it at the library, try the school library first, and then the public library. There may be other books that explain things differently so you can understand the concepts better. Check used book stores, previous editions of text books with solutions manuals can often be found at rock bottom prices.

Finally, ask a tutor on findAtutor.ca if they might help in a subject outside their expertise, or for a reduced rate. You'll have more luck if you don't leave it until the last minute, and be flexible to meet on their schedule. Tutors may be more willing to give you a break during school holidays than exam time.

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