I need a tutor! Can you help me?

  • Posted on: 22 March 2005
  • By: Johanna

We receive desperate e-mails at findAtutor.ca with pleas to help them find a tutor. That's part of the reason findAtutor.ca was created! We do not actively search for tutors on your behalf, but here are a few suggestions to help in your search.

Since you're here, findAtutor.ca is a good place to start. Find instructions on how to efficiently search the listings on our "How to..." page. If your area isn't listed, try searching an area near yours, for all areas in your province, or see if there is an on-line tutor.

Check with other sources of listings and advertising, councelling offices and teachers maintain lists of tutors, or have bulletin boards where tutors post ads. Find out through your teacher if there is a peer tutoring or drop in help centre at your school. Ask friends/parents for the number of the tutor they are using.

Once you've found your tutor, suggest they list on findAtutor.ca so finding a tutor will be easier for others in the future!

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