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Rate: In my home 30$, your place 40$
Also speaks: Mandarin
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All Levels
Subjects: Math, Physics
Element school math,math 8-12,SAT1,SAT2, IB math, AP,precalculus,calculus I,II,III,vector calculus,linear algebra,matrix computation,ordinary differential equations, PDE,numerical analysis, Physics 11,12,Etc.
Location: Surrey, BC
Zoom and Skype For ON-LINE Class. Anywhere in BC or Western Canada. My home is very close to Guildford Mall. willing to travel anywhere that is around a half hour driving.
Experience: 16 years math tutor for grade 1-12 students;4 years math teaching assistant in SFU;4 years math teaching assistant in HKUST;5 years math lecturer in OUQD. Education: Math M.Sc. in SFU; Math HKUST;Math M.Sc. in OUQD
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