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Rate: $50 /hr
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Subjects: Chemistry
OChem 1 (UofA Chem 261, UofC Chem 351, SFU Chem 281, etc.) OChem 2 (UofA Chem 263, UofC Chem 353, SFU Chem 282, etc.)
Location: Edmonton, AB
Online Tutoring offered flexibly! I also offer a 15 hour long courses to use as a tutoring supplement which is found on!
With over 10 years of experience and an M.Sc in Chemistry, I offer a top-tier tutoring services for students looking to crush organic chemistry! In addition to hourly sessions, I provide practice problems and solutions for EVERY topic in OChem 1 and 2. I also offer online courses which are provided to tutoring clients free of charge for extra value.
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