Maria Bartle - Math Specialist

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On-line tutor
Rate: $60/hour, discounts available
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All Levels
Subjects: Math, Physics
Mathematics from Kindergarten to Grade 12 and university level mathematics (including calculus, complex numbers, geometry, and linear algebra). Physics 11 and 12. Able to create curriculum plans for students with learning anxiety or knowledge gaps.
Location: Chilliwack, BC
Available for online lessons or in person at my home on Little Mountain in Chilliwack. Option for online lessons available only to high school students and adults. In-person lessons required for elementary and middle school students.
I am a certified teacher in BC with a Masters Degree in Mathematics Education and 13 years' experience teaching in Canada, Europe and Africa. I teach for understanding and aim to remove anxiety that many teenagers and adults have when learning math. With a broad spectrum of experience in mathematics, I work with students to determine gaps in their understanding and then strengthen foundation skills and confidence so they can succeed. Lessons will be adapted to meet your needs and requests.
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