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Rate: $70/lesson by INTERAC e-transfer
Also speaks: English
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Elementary or High School
Subjects: Math
Ontario, International Baccalaureate, and Advanced Placement math curricula: grades 8/9/10 math, grade 11 Functions, grade 12 Advanced Functions, grade 12 Calculus and Vectors; International Baccalaureate and pre-IB; Advanced Placement and pre-AP.
Location: Mississauga, ON
I teach using an interactive pen tablet (Wacom One) and screen-sharing via an online video platform (Zoom). You will need a computer with a microphone, headphones/speakers, a free Zoom account, a calculator, and a reliable internet connection.
I am a mathematical educator with over a decade of experience. I graduated from the University of Toronto, where I did research, presented at conferences, and was elected as the President of the Mathematics Union. My past accomplishments include sitting on the University of Waterloo's Problem of the Month committee, being a guest editor of Crux Mathematicorum, teaching at the University of Toronto's Math+, and being a trainer of Team Canada for the International Mathematical Olympiad in 2022.
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