e-mailArmin E-mail tutor
On-line tutor
Rate: $40-60/hr(depending on distance)
Also speaks: Farsi
Available on Sunday MorningsAvailable on Monday MorningsAvailable on Tuesday MorningsAvailable on Wednesday MorningsAvailable on Thursday MorningsAvailable on Friday MorningsNot available on Saturday MorningsMorn
Not available on Sunday AfternoonsAvailable on Monday AfternoonsAvailable on Tuesday AfternoonsAvailable on Wednesday AfternoonsAvailable on Thursday AfternoonsAvailable on Friday AfternoonsAvailable on Saturday AfternoonsAft
Not available on Sunday EveningsAvailable on Monday EveningsAvailable on Tuesday EveningsNot available on Wednesday EveningsNot available on Thursday EveningsAvailable on Friday EveningsAvailable on Saturday EveningsEve
High School or College/University
Subjects: Math, Chemistry, Physics
Most 1st year Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics courses as well as post secondary Introductory Statistics. IB and AP high school Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics. For K-12 students, I have also aided in contest prep for COMC, CNML, AMC, etc.
Location: Burnaby, BC
I tutor students at their home, at the library, or online. I can travel to West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, and Burquitlam area. I can also go to UBC and SFU with exceptions. For online sessions, I utilize a virtual whiteboard.
I am a UBC BSc Mathematics graduate. I have 5000+ hours of tutoring experience and have helped 50+ students with their studies. My students have mostly been grade 10 to 2nd year post secondary students. I have; however, provided assistance to younger students as well who sought to go beyond what is offered in BC curriculum. In my sessions, I focus on the concepts and refrain from providing direct answers to questions. Instead I try to guide students to develop their own problem solving skills.
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