Online/In-person Math Tutoring

e-mailOnline/In-person Math Tutoring E-mail tutor
On-line tutor
Rate: Starting @ 40/hour
Also speaks: English and Hindi
Available on Sunday MorningsAvailable on Monday MorningsAvailable on Tuesday MorningsNot available on Wednesday MorningsAvailable on Thursday MorningsAvailable on Friday MorningsAvailable on Saturday MorningsMorn
Available on Sunday AfternoonsAvailable on Monday AfternoonsAvailable on Tuesday AfternoonsNot available on Wednesday AfternoonsAvailable on Thursday AfternoonsAvailable on Friday AfternoonsAvailable on Saturday AfternoonsAft
Available on Sunday EveningsAvailable on Monday EveningsAvailable on Tuesday EveningsNot available on Wednesday EveningsAvailable on Thursday EveningsAvailable on Friday EveningsAvailable on Saturday EveningsEve
Elementary or High School
Subjects: Math, Sciences
Grade 1-9 Math  Workplace Mathematics 10 and 11  Pre-Calculus 10, 11 and 12  Foundation of Mathematics 10, 11 and 12  Calculus 12  Statistics 12  Geometry 12
Location: Coquitlam / Tri-cities, BC
I tutor online via Zoom or Teams. In-person tutoring available in both groups (maximum 4) and one-to-one sessions. I can tutor at a public library or my house. I am near the Coquitlam Center Mall.
I am a highly qualified Ontario Certified Teacher with extensive knowledge of the Math Curriculum for grades 1-12. My strong knowledge of Mathematics fundamentals and concepts, coupled with my teaching skills enables me to meet the need of the students with varied backgrounds. With 3 years of tutoring experience at places like Mathnasium, Spirit of Math and Olympiads School, I can help struggling students to understand difficult concepts in an easy manner with a positive learning atmosphere.
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