Certified Teacher

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Rate: 65$
Also speaks: French, English, some Spanish
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All Levels
Subjects: French, ESL, Music, Business, Dance, Business, Creative Arts
I'm a strong believer that finding something your child can be passionate about can greatly help them improve challenging subjects by tapping into their potentiel through creativity, improving self-confidence n connection first.The rest will follow.
Location: Waterdown, ON
Thunderbay, ON
I'm a Certified Teacher with 20 years of teaching experience. My first language is French. I uplift and encourage any child or teenager (even better) to thrive through IB like education. I have access to ERI requirements of BC Education Program for each levels and subjects and have ressources to find answers if I don't have them. Looking forward to meet to see if the potential match is optimal for all (if it's not I will tell you)
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