Alicia Lyn French + Math Tutor

e-mailAlicia Lyn French + Math Tutor E-mail tutor
Rate: 30-50$ per hour
Also speaks: French
Not available on Sunday MorningsNot available on Monday MorningsNot available on Tuesday MorningsNot available on Wednesday MorningsNot available on Thursday MorningsNot available on Friday MorningsNot available on Saturday MorningsMorn
Available on Sunday AfternoonsAvailable on Monday AfternoonsNot available on Tuesday AfternoonsAvailable on Wednesday AfternoonsNot available on Thursday AfternoonsNot available on Friday AfternoonsAvailable on Saturday AfternoonsAft
Available on Sunday EveningsAvailable on Monday EveningsNot available on Tuesday EveningsAvailable on Wednesday EveningsNot available on Thursday EveningsNot available on Friday EveningsAvailable on Saturday EveningsEve
Subjects: French, Math, Reading and Writing, English
French and English Language support from Kindergarten-Grade 8. Math Support Kindergarden-Grade 8. French Immersion + Core French
Location: Milton, ON
Tutor at my home. Can travel to local library or to your home (higher rate).
I am currently a permanent teacher for Peel District School Board and offer tutoring services for English and French Languages as well as math. I am currently teaching the grade 7/8 French Immersion program.
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