Margot R. Challborn

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Rate: $30/hr
Also speaks: English
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All Levels
Subjects: English, Humanities, Social Studies, Reading and Writing
Kindergarten - University: Reading and writing; Language Arts; English, Social Studies; Diploma preparation; Spanish (up to, and including, grade 10); post-secondary level Political Science; Sociology; and, Gender and Politics.
Location: Edmonton, AB
I am available to meet in Edmonton Public Library locations; the University of Alberta; and, in student's homes (on a case-by-case basis).
I am a PhD Candidate at the University of Alberta. I am an accomplished research, writer, and instructor and can tutor in the humanities and social sciences from Kindergarten to post-secondary. I offer a compassionate and accessible teaching style that encourages students to connect with the materials so they can flourish academically. In addition to assisting students with individual assignments, I can create specialized learning plans to help students meet their long-range learning goals.
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