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Rate: $30/hour
Also speaks: French, Spanish
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All Levels
Subjects: French, English, ESL, Reading and Writing
I can easily adapt to your needs and teach at various levels. If you are a university student, please contact me first to verify if I have the knowledge to help you with your classes. More likely than not, I will be able to give you a hand.
Location: Montreal, QC
I usually discuss with the student where the classes will take place. I do not teach in my own home or the student's home. We can find a quiet cafe, restaurant or library that we both agree on.
I am a tutor with 13 years’ experience teaching French and English in both private and group settings. I have also taught in renowned establishments such as Berlitz, Cambridge and InLingua. Throughout my career, I learned how to adapt my methods according to the students’ needs and found tools that can optimise their learning. The results are very good with some being excellent. My degree is Sign Language Interpreting, which requires a high level of accuracy.
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