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Rate: $30/hr - $60/hr
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All Levels
Subjects: Math, Music, Physics, English, Sciences, Social Studies, ESL, Reading/Writing, Computers
The list I have provided of different subjects is in no way comprehensive: I have studied and tutored in many different subjects and disciplines and cater my approach to the student as well as the specific content being studied.
Location: North Vancouver, BC
I am open to many different options when it comes to location. Ideally I like to tutor at student's homes as it allows me to get to know the family of the student better. Logistically sometimes a mutually accessible location has to be found.
My name is Stefan Melnychenko. I have been a private tutor for over ten years and am well versed in multiple subjects at elementary, secondary, as well as post-secondary levels. My specialties are History/Social Studies, Mathematics, Science/Physics, Music, and English. My students are successful because I put an emphasis on creating a comfortable relationship with them to encourage questions and discussion.
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