Matt, B.Sc.

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Rate: $35 / hr
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Elementary or High School
Subjects: Computers, Math, Sciences
I can teach computers (especially programming and logic), math at any level, and physical sciences like physics and chemistry.
Location: Edmonton, AB
I'm willing to tutor in my own home (near Southgate) or student's home, provided there is easy access from mass transit.
I have many years experience as a professional programmer, and would like to share my knowledge and love of programming with the next generation! I work for BioWare, helping to make some of the best games in the world. I have taught programming and game design to kids at a summer camp. I have volunteered in the classroom, and was a computer science TA in university. I received my bachelor of science (with honor) in Engineering from Caltech. I can also help with math and science in a pinch.
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