Tutoring with Avita

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On-line tutor
Rate: $18-30 per hour
Also speaks: English
Available on Sunday MorningsAvailable on Monday MorningsAvailable on Tuesday MorningsAvailable on Wednesday MorningsAvailable on Thursday MorningsAvailable on Friday MorningsNot available on Saturday MorningsMorn
Available on Sunday AfternoonsNot available on Monday AfternoonsNot available on Tuesday AfternoonsNot available on Wednesday AfternoonsNot available on Thursday AfternoonsNot available on Friday AfternoonsNot available on Saturday AfternoonsAft
Available on Sunday EveningsNot available on Monday EveningsAvailable on Tuesday EveningsNot available on Wednesday EveningsAvailable on Thursday EveningsAvailable on Friday EveningsAvailable on Saturday EveningsEve
Elementary or High School
Subjects: English, Reading and Writing, Math, Social Studies, Sciences, Sports/coaching
English( Grade 1-12, year 1-3) Reading and Writing(Grade 1-12, year 1-3) Math(Grade 1-10) Social Studies(Grade 1-10) Science (Grade 1-12, year 1-3) Biology (Grade 11-12) Statistics (year 1) Sports/Coaching
Location: Richmond, BC
I live in Hamilton area of Richmond. I am able to tutor in Richmond, New Westminister and Burnaby area. I can also tutor On-Line.
I am very familiar with BC curriculum for Grades K-12. Proven success with helping students of all learning levels. I am an English major, working towards becoming a BC teacher. Offering inclusive instruction for students with special needs and learning disabilities.
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