Whiterock/S.Surrey Tutor $30hr

e-mailWhiterock/S.Surrey Tutor $30hr E-mail tutor
On-line tutor
Rate: $30-50 /hr
Also speaks: English
Not available on Sunday MorningsAvailable on Monday MorningsAvailable on Tuesday MorningsAvailable on Wednesday MorningsAvailable on Thursday MorningsAvailable on Friday MorningsNot available on Saturday MorningsMorn
Not available on Sunday AfternoonsNot available on Monday AfternoonsAvailable on Tuesday AfternoonsNot available on Wednesday AfternoonsAvailable on Thursday AfternoonsNot available on Friday AfternoonsNot available on Saturday AfternoonsAft
Not available on Sunday EveningsAvailable on Monday EveningsAvailable on Tuesday EveningsAvailable on Wednesday EveningsAvailable on Thursday EveningsNot available on Friday EveningsNot available on Saturday EveningsEve
Elementary or High School
Subjects: English, ESL, Social Studies, Reading and Writing, SSAT, Gr. 1-7 All subjects
Gr. 1 - 12: -Reading skills -Writing skills • Gr. K-12 English, Literature, ESL, and social studies. • Gr. 3-11 SSAT English Exam • Gr. K-7 Math, Science. • Provincial Examination English 12, and Social Studies 12.
Location: White Rock / South Surrey, BC
Professional Classroom: $25/hour White Rock Library: $30/hour Correspondence/Skype: $50/(quality equivalent of 2 hour class time)
"I have helped my students be admitted into Mulgrave, and others." "I have helped my students graduate from the ESL program, complete English 12, and be admitted into University of Toronto." For company info: www.davisstudenteducationservices.com * UBC Teacher Graduate • 10 yrs: English, ESL, social studies • 10 yrs: SSAT Middle Level • 10 yrs: All subjects K-7 • BCCT/Ministry of Education (Professional) English & History Major UBC Special Education TESOL/TESL/TEFL
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