High School Math specialist

e-mailHigh School Math specialist E-mail tutor
Rate: 35$ (40$ with travel)
Also speaks: Arabic
Available on Sunday MorningsNot available on Monday MorningsNot available on Tuesday MorningsNot available on Wednesday MorningsNot available on Thursday MorningsNot available on Friday MorningsAvailable on Saturday MorningsMorn
Available on Sunday AfternoonsNot available on Monday AfternoonsNot available on Tuesday AfternoonsNot available on Wednesday AfternoonsNot available on Thursday AfternoonsNot available on Friday AfternoonsAvailable on Saturday AfternoonsAft
Available on Sunday EveningsAvailable on Monday EveningsAvailable on Tuesday EveningsAvailable on Wednesday EveningsAvailable on Thursday EveningsAvailable on Friday EveningsAvailable on Saturday EveningsEve
High School
Subjects: Math
Math31/Calculus , Math30 diploma preparation, Math20 , Math10C and all other Math levels
Location: Edmonton, AB
Edmonton Area / Can tutor at students'house or close by library / Travel expenses apply
Experienced Current High School Teacher specialized in Math 30-1 Diploma Preparation
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