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Rate: $35/Group Hour
Also speaks: English, Mandarin
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All Levels
Subjects: English, Reading and Writing, Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, AP/IB, SSAT/SAT
ESL, Readinga and Writing, English 8-12, Provincial Exam, Math, Pre-Cal 11-12, Physics 11-12, Chemistry 11012, Biology 11-12, AP/IB, SSAT, Debating and Public speaking
Location: White Rock / South Surrey, BC
205-15388 24 Avenue, Surrey, BC
BL Education is one of the educational institution located in Vancouver and South Surrey. We not only provide the professinal education consulting service, but also other training and tutoring services. Besides that, the US Debating and public speaking programs. We offer tutoring services for varies high school subjects, such as Math 8-10, Pre-Cal 11/12, Chemistry 11/12, Bio 11/12, Reading and Writing, English 8-12, and provincial preperation.
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