Introducing listing points!

  • Posted on: 4 September 2016
  • By: Johanna

Since we started tutors have asked: how do I move my listing higher on the list? The answer has always been: you can't. We just changed the answer: use listing points!

Tutors now have the option to purchase listing points, and use them to bid for a higher position in the search results list. All tutors have been e-mailed with details about how the listing points sytem works.

So what does this mean for those looking for tutors?

Updates are coming!

  • Posted on: 5 August 2016
  • By: Johanna

We are gearing up to do a major update to It's been in the works for a long time, and we plan to bring it on-line this weekend.

Some things will be unavailable as we re-configure everything to for the new version. Be assured that all user data has been backed up and we will have everything back up and running in the next few days.

We will be suspending new account creation and login for existing accounts so that we can restore current data once we've updated.

Resolve to get better grades this year.

  • Posted on: 7 January 2015
  • By: Johanna

Happy New Year!

Even though for most students September has a feeling of a new start to the year, January is a good time to make resolutions for improving at school too.

Like all resolutions, small achievable goals that turn into habits are easiest to keep, and offer the best return for improvement. Resolve to get organized, get a good agenda to keep assignment due dates organized. Set aside a specific time to do home work daily. Add studying or practicing to your regular schedule, just like you would sports games or music lessons.

Back to school time!

  • Posted on: 29 August 2014
  • By: Johanna

As August begins, there is a bitter sweet feeling of knowing that summer is half over, and back-to-school sales start. The last week of August means, if you've been procrastinating, living in denial or just enjoying your summer so much you forgot, NOW is the time to get ready for school.

Just like students are stocking up on supplies and new clothes, tutors are cleaning out their offices, setting up their schedule, and getting ready to start tutoring for the new school year.

Does the Heartbleed security bug affect

  • Posted on: 10 April 2014
  • By: Johanna

I've started getting e-mails from tutors asking if they should be concerned about the Heartbleed bug affecting their accounts on The short answer is no.

This bug is related to the OpenSSL security certificate. SSL certificates are only used on secure pages. You can tell which pages are secure because there will be an "https" at the beginning of an URL.