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Rate: $30 to $60 a session
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Elementary or High School
Subjects: Learning Disabilities, Reading and Writing, Math, English, Behavioural Disabilities
I am a licensed reading therapist that works with reading difficulties. I have training to work with math and writing disabilities and training to work with autism and ADHD/ADD behavioural needs. I also tutor elementary and high school subjects.
Location: St. Thomas, ON
My office is located in Aylmer, Ontario, which is located in Elgin County, Ontario. I am willing to travel to students homes for an additional cost.
I am certified with NILD Canada to work with reading disabilities. I have an MAT in special education and an MAT in secondary education (emphasis TESOL). I ran a special education program for five years in a private school and was an elementary classroom teacher for thirteen years. I am trained in ILS, which focuses on behavioural disabilities, such as autism and ADHD/ADD. I also have experience and training to work with auditory processing disorder, dyscalculia, and developmentally delayed.