Frequently Asked Questions - Listing Order

Each listing has points associated with it. The total listing points determines the order listings are shown in, starting from highest and going down to lowest. Total listing points is the sum of natural listing points, and listing points entered by the tutor.

There are 2 factors that determine what the natural listing points are: 1. When your listing was activated, and 2. When you last updated your listing. The dates are placed in a formula that calculates the natural points (previously referred to as "priority rank") for your listing.

The longer you have had a listing on, the higher potential natural points for your listing. However, there is a slight preference given to the last update date, so newer listings may have more natural points than older listing if the older listing has not been updated.

To maximize your natural points, it is important to regularly update your listing.

Listing points are entered by the tutor. There is a full page of information available on listing points on the tutor's page.

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The list on is dynamic. Each time a search is done, the list provided is based on the status of all the listings at the time of the request. Your position in the list will depend not only on your status, but the status of all the other tutors in the list compared to you. Some of the factors which will cause other tutors to move before you on the list include updating their listing after neglecting it for a long time, removing "not accepting" from their listing or changing the area they are listed in.

With the introduction of listing points, tutors now have the option to bid for placement. So now it's possible that a tutor with a listing with lower total listing points added more listing points to beat yours. First try updating your listing to maximize your natural listing points, and then if you want, add listing points to your listing to boost it's position.

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We want clients to find current listings on It's frustrating calling tutors that aren't as advertised because their information has gone stale. Even though the information you have submitted is still current, we don't know that unless your listing has been updated. We want to reward those that are being active in trying to solicit students. By adding "updated" into the listing and weighting the listings by the last update, we give preference and highlight those who have taken the time to update their listing to keep it current.

We want to provide a quality listing service on, when students and parents find a tutor with only a couple of calls, they'll recommend the service to others, improving the service for everyone.

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About once a month is recommended. Of course if any information changes, you should update your listing as soon as possible. We do not force tutors to update listings, only provide incentive in the listing order to encourage regular updating, so you can update as often as you like.

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It is possible that after updating, your listing does not change position. Your position depends on the calculation using your signup date and your last update date. If you recently signed up or updated, the number calculated will not change very much. If all the other tutors keep their listings up to date, again it isn't likely your position will change. Even though your position may not change, updating maximizes your listing's natural points and help maintain your position in the list.

With the introduction of listing points, tutors now have the option to bid for placement. After you update your listing to maximize your natural listing points, you can add listing points to further boost it's position if you want.

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